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Review Les Paul Classic 7 string

This is a very special guitar. Not because of its bridge, pickups or any thing like that, because they are all standard Epiphone, but because of the extra B string, the string that adds extra superior bass. The only other addition that is bad about this guitar is the added width of the neck.

Sound: This matches most of the styles me & my buddy have attempted, heavy metal, light rock, punk, blues, soul (don't know how that happened), and even some old fashioned country music! It's low B string can make detuning unnecessary, most times any way. It can also freak out guitar freaks who don't realise it's a 7-string when you play Smells Like Teen Spirit using the B string. It's only problem is the toe, but that's because the man who I brought it from made me have to fix the knob, so it doesn't work as well any more.

Action, Fit  Finish: Apart from the fact that I had to buy new strings, it was brilliant. I also like to change the pickup height from time to time, so if I change them during a song, the volume will change, adding an extra kick.

Reliability & Durability: It has been able to take quite a beating, as it was dropped down a 10 flight of stairs in it's hardcase and only had a small, unnoticeable bump on it. It is very dependable and I can use it without a backup, but I do anyway incase I strum or bend too hard and break a string.

Impression: It is a brilliant guitar, it is suited to all guitar playing needs, and is a very reliable guitar. I would advise you to buy one, as this would be a very wise transaction. But, like tallicfan20, it would be an idea to try and get one of eBay, as this was the only 7 string in the whole of the Loot (2nd hand Classifieds newspaper).