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Review Ibanez ARX140

This is a fantastic guitar, made in 2007 in China. The guitar has 22 medium frets on a very nice rosewood fingerboard.
This is a fantastic guitar, made in 2007 in China. The guitar has 22 medium frets on a very nice rosewood fingerboard. Body is made from mahogony and it pretty light, has a glued in neck. Comes in a solid white or black finish. It sports a very nice prs style double cut away witch is useful for reaching all those high notes. It has Ibanez's Gibraltar III bridge, its like a tune-o-matic but its easier to change the strings. Includes a very nice set of passive humbuckers (Neck:ACH1-S Bridge: ACH2-S). 2 Volume dials (1 for each humbucker) and a tone one. Also has a 3 way pickup selector, you can switch between bridge, bridge and neck and neck. Tuners are of good qulity and stay in tune for a good length. Strap buttons are Mega stable and the jack for the cable stays in and takes a good tug to get it out. 
Sound: When I got this guitar I was looking for a good rythum guitar, and this guitar delivers. The humbuckers work really well with each other and on there own. It feels and sounds really versitile, and with the tone and pick up selector alone I can change my style from a gental chord progression to a phat solo. I was suprised by the qulity of the clean tone, really warm with a bit of an edge; excellent for fingerpicking or light strumming. This being an Ibanez you would expect it to deliver in the rock and metal tones, and it truly does. Great for power chords and rythum. Humbuckers are pretty silent and don't really suffer from any buzz or noise. For the price paid this guitar is amazing sound wise, it blows anything else in the price range out of the water. 
Action, Fit & Finish: When I first got this guitar it had a little fret buzz, but that went away after a week of playing. It feels pretty well set up, action is nice a smooth. The finish was good, no flaws. The back of the neck is really nice a smooth, meaning you can slide all over the place with minimum friction.
Reliability & Durability: As I have explained earlier the strap buttons feel very secure and feel like they could withstand a live beating. The jack socket is very secure, and the cable does not wobble in it reducing anoying buzz. The guitar feels very durable, I can imagine it would survive a short drop and stil be playable.
Impression: I like mainly chunky rythum parts and this guitar is perfectly suited with its dual humbuckers and nice round tone. This is my second guitar, my first was a squire Strat and this blows that away. I really like the simplicty of this guitar, it feels very durable. However I do with it came in more exciting colours... like red. I was really suprised by the amount of different tones and noises this guitar could make just by changing the tone and pickup switch.