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iPhone 4S Case Solidifies Name, Shows Volume Buttons Moved to Right Side

iPhone 4S Otterbox case
At least one of the devices to be launched by Apple on October 4th looks to be named ‘iPhone 4S’ after all. The proof comes in the form of several pictures of an Otterbox case, clearly showing the iPhone 4S monicker printed on the packaging, which were discovered and posted to Twitter by jailbreaker @chronic.
Perhaps more interesting is that the volume buttons appear to have switched places to the right side of the iPhone, matching the iPad, which is seen clearly in this picture:
iPhone 4S case showing volume buttons on opposite side
Moving the volume button to the right side is compelling because:
  • It gives credence to several iPhone 5 cases which show the volume buttons on the right side
  • This breaks from the long established norm of existing iPhone and iPod touches
Chronic suggested the move is simply related to the volume button shutter features in iOS 5, but it’s also likely that Apple intends s to make all iOS devices consistent with their button locations.