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Fix the “iTunes Library.itl” Cannot Be Read Version Error When Downgrading iTunes

Fix iTunes Library.itl Error We recently showed you how to delete iTunes, which is typically done for the purposes of downgrading iTunes to a previous version. If you’ve done this and you are now encountering an error about “iTunes Library.itl” not being readable due to it’s creation by a newer version of iTunes, here’s the fix via iDownloadBlog, which is nice and easy:
  • Remove the newer version of iTunes and install the older version as originally intended
  • Hit Command+Shift+G and type ~/Music/iTunes/
  • Rename “iTunes Library.itl” to “iTunes Library.old” – this serves as a backup in case something goes wrong
  • In the same iTunes folder, open “Previous iTunes Libraries” and track down the most recent version of an iTunes Library file, these are named by dates of iTunes installations in the format of “iTunes Library 2011-08-29.itl” etc
  • Copy the most recent version of that file to your desktop (or elsewhere, or use cut and paste)
  • Navigate back to ~/Music/iTunes/ and move or paste the file here, renaming it to “iTunes Library.itl”
  • Relaunch iTunes