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18 Ridiculously Huge Things that Apple is Worth More Than

Apple money
Apple money

Apple stock surpassed $400 a share again last Friday, bringing their market cap to $371.30 billion. That $371,300,000,000 is worth more than each of the following things:

  •     All 32 Eurozone Banks
  •     The Entire Economy of Singapore
  •     All of the Illegal Drugs in the World
  •     Total U.S. Corporate Income Tax for 2011
  •     The GDP of Denmark
  •     The Great Wall of China (priced at $0.52 a brick)
  •     The Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Stephen King, and Twilight Franchises – combined, plus another $300 billion
  •     All of the Farm Land in Iowa & South Dakota, at $4200 per acre
  •     The Total Endowments of the USA’s 13 Richest Universities and University Systems
  •     45 days of global oil consumption
  •     The Cost of America's Obesity Epidemic
  •     Every home in Detroit and Tampa combined
  •     The big three drug makers; Novartis, Sanofi-Aventis, and Pfizer, combined
  •     Every home in Atlanta
  •     10 times the total paid in federal child support in the U.S. last year
  •     The five largest ETFs (exchange-traded funds)
  •     10 years of Silver Production
  •     The GDP of Israel, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon – combined